Avis Rent a Car – Franchise Review

Avis Rent a Car is the largest and leading company in the car rental industry serving its valued customers with almost 4,000 rental locations in approximately 150 countries including United States, Australia, Canada, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, New Zealand, Latin America, Argentina and the Caribbean. Avis Rent a Car is owned and operated as a subsidiary of the Avis Budget Group, Inc. The company owns about 1,275 of its locations, while franchisees operate the rest.

Together with Budget Rent a Car System, its sister company, Avis Rent a Car owns more than 310,000 top quality vehicles. The company target is to cater and meet the business travelers’ needs that account for 60% of Avis’ domestic revenue, with leisure renters comprising the rest. It has concentrated on airport rental locations. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Avis Budget Group, which has marketing agreements with UK-based Avis Europe, a separately owned company with operations in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and parts of Asia.

It has been known and recognized throughout its history for its quality service. Because of the company’s achievements in customer service and loyalty, Avis was ranked among the top brands of 2008 in the Customer Loyalty Engagement Index. They offer a range of vehicle amenities such as On-Star navigation and an emergency response system. In addition, XM Satellite Radio is free of charge in all equipped vehicles.

Avis is open for an extension of its successful global team (not a franchise). The company is giving a tremendous opportunity to supervise all aspects of an Avis off-airport location, impact our customers’ service experience, and supplement you bottom line. You will be an independent operator, responsible for the growth and success of an Avis location. You will be hiring your own employees, market your operation, and promote the world-renowned Avis “We Try Harder” values. There’s no need to make an initial major investment, and no limit to how much revenue you could generate.

When looking to start any business it is important, particularly considering today’s market, that you look for specific ways to cut minimize or reduce overhead and risk. Any business is going to have risk, but it is important to have a full understanding of the amount of investment, start-up cost and “ROI” (Return on Investment).

Most people are not aware that 80% of ALL franchise endeavours fail in the first two to five years leaving large debts looming for years thereafter.

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Things You Need to Lay Stress on While Renting a Car

Rental car deals gain significant weightage only when renters can hire it with better opportunities, taking care of the things, such as price, comfort, safety and the insurance policies under which the hire car can be covered. Luxury rental cars provide ample advantages to the renters. But the renters having no any prior experience of car hiring must lay stress on the following things while renting elegant cars for their pleasurable trip.

Comfort: The luxury vehicle that a renter chooses may not be equipped with all those equipment that a renter aspires for. For an instance, rental cars are not furnished with the equipment such as baby seats or seats for the elderly people. Renters must ask for it ahead of time so that they can get it easily. Renters will have to take care of the comfort features that they need for their trip. Also, enquiring about the air conditioner, music system or other comfortable features of the rental cars, while hiring it can get you a lot of advantages later.

Safety: Although most of the car rental customers are safety-obsessed yet they often commit a mistake of not considering the features that can give a higher degree of safety. Things like fire extinguishers, high-end braking system and doors for an easy exit and entry of the visitors are very necessary. Visitors must take a good care of these things at the time of renting of luxury cars.

Price: Customers must take care of the price and make sincere efforts to beat the rental car prices snatching out a suitable rental car deal. The price of the rental cars must be very affordable and match the needs of the customers. Renters must keep one thing in mind that the price of the hire cars may increase or decrease depending on its size and the number of seats the car.

Insurance policies: It must be taken care of to prevent the harrowing situations and not to pay a big amount towards breakdown or accident of hire cars. Policies such as Collision Damage waiver and Personal insurance policies may be suggested to take benefits of it, in the case of massive damages of the cars and loss of lives of the passengers in rental accidents.

Renters must keep the above-said things in mind while making the selection of luxury hire cars for long-term leasing. Taking good care of these things can lead the visitors on the way to get the best priced, safe and comfortable hire cars of their choice.

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Top Benefits and Advantages of Renting a Car


Many people prefer to buy and use their own car, while others prefer to rent a car. Which one should you choose?

While it’s true that having your own car has its advantages, more and more homeowners think that these days, owning one seems to be more disadvantageous in a lot of situations. If you factor in traffic jam, maintenance fees, and other costs, you will definitely think twice in buying your own car.

Top Benefits and Advantages of Renting a Car

Here are the top benefits and advantages of renting a car.

1. You’ll say goodbye to expensive maintenance fees.

To make sure that the car is in good condition at all times, the owner must make an effort to visit a mechanic regularly. In each of these visits, the car owner must pay an inspection fee. And if there are repairs to be done, the car owner is billed for these repairs. The heavier the damage, the more expensive the bill would be.

2. A car is not a good investment.

Financial analysts say that the moment you sign the deed / bill of sale, your car has just depreciated to up to 40%. This means that you can’t expect to sell a brand-new car and command a value which is higher than how much you bought it.

3. You don’t have to worry about annual registration processes.

All car owners in the country are required by law to register their cars every year. This means more hassle for you, registration fees, and unproductive time spent on waiting on long lines to complete the registration process.

4. You’ll have more time for yourself.

If you drive back and forth, say from your office to work and back, you’ll be focused solely on your driving. But if you rent a car, somebody else drives for you. Therefore, you’ll have more time for yourself. If you live far from your workplace, you’ll have time to take a nap soundly at the back of the car. Or you can multitask and do other productive tasks, such as some unfinished tasks in your office.

5. You don’t have to worry about parking spots and parking fees.

When you go out using your own car, you will naturally look for a safe parking spot. But sometimes, this activity can be annoying and time-consuming, not to mention the parking fees you’re required to pay before you leave the parking lot. But when you rent a car, you’ll clear your head of any of these fees and parking hassle. Plus, you’ll be dropped off exactly where you should be.

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Benefits of Renting a Car When Traveling

Whether you have planned a vacation in Europe with your friends or you have scheduled a meeting with your client to talk business, hiring a luxurious car is always better than squeezing inside a public vehicle.

This article is about the benefits of renting a car for families, sole travelers, holiday lovers and businessmen.

Family vacation

Families going for a vacation to a distant land or having a family get-together have always made the most out of car rental service.

Sometimes renting a car is more economical than using public transportation. You can cash in some discount if you are eight or more in number. At human level, you do not need to wait for local bus to appear and squeeze inside it with strangers. This keeps their mood up from the start to the end.

Single travelers

Singles have their part of the fun of being single. But when it comes to exploring an unknown land, it might not be so. Public transportation is not the best option and every time asking a friend for a favor is not a better one.

So, renting a car in advance for your transportation is looking better by minute, right? On the top, you can have your personal space too.

Holiday lovers

You are in a holiday mood and going abroad to escape the boredom of a regular day. You have backpacked everything you need for your holiday. But you haven’t booked a car yet.

The idea of traveling in a public vehicle in an unknown city is the best recipe for spoiling your holiday mood with the stress and pressure of managing transportation.

Holiday goers have the most to gain by renting a car or sedan as each of them will add luxury and comfort to their holiday from the start. It will not only save a few minutes you spend on waiting for public transportation service, but also save the time they take on every stop.

Business meetings

You might be wondering how car rentals can add value in the process of creating and maintaining customers. Hiring a good car rental agency will ensure that your client receives an elegant service that will help in creating a lasting first impression. We all know the value of the first impression and the importance of maintaining it.

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Advantage Rent a Car Franchise Review

Advantage Rent a Car is a privately held independent car rental company, by Denny Hecker Family Ventures. It’s headquarter is in San Antonio, Texas. This brand was acquired by Hertz Corporation in 2009 and now is operated under the same name. The purpose of this company is to provide leisure, business, government and local customers with a broad range of vehicle-rental services. It provides rental services in more than 150 US locations and 130 locations in 33 countries internationally.

A small business known as “Three Ninety-Nine Car Rentals” opened for serving the large military population in San Antonio, Texas in 1963. Government travelers were initially served by this company and there after expanded quickly into leisure and feeder markets over the next 20 yrs. Local retail and airport markets located throughout the Western United States were covered by its rental services. In 1985, the operation was consolidated under the name of “Advantage Rent a Car”. With the launch of affiliate partnership program, Advantage Company attained a worldwide presence in 2001.

Bankruptcy / Acquisition by Hertz

Advantage filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in December 2008 and shut down 40% of its US retail locations. At the time of bankruptcy, it’s almost half of the workforce or 440 workers were laid off. At that time Advantage was privately held by Denny Hecker, Minnesota auto dealership tycoon.

The Hertz Corporation purchased Advantage’s assets for $33 million on March 31, 2009. Hertz successfully outbid Enterprise Rent-a-Car in Minnesota bankruptcy court.

Franchise Cost:

Advantage Rent a Car began franchising in 2007. Advantage business franchise is appropriate for entrepreneurs who have exceptional customer relating skills and possess great interest in vehicles.

Total investment of $157,900 – $8,000,000 is required by the franchisee in order to grab the opportunity of owing a franchise. The investment may be quite expensive because a franchisee would be investing in vehicles that are of good quality for their customers. Advantage Rent A Car charges their franchisees a Franchise fee of $25,000 – $750,000 and an addition 3% ongoing royalty fee (franchisees will be forwarding 3% of their sales, less all the deductibles). This royalty fee is for the company’s part in the franchisee’s profits for using the company’s reputation, name and system.

It is an additional advantage for franchisees to have a background in the automotive market. This helps them to show customers the advantages of their services. If a franchisee possesses good knowledge then it will be easy for him or her to attract customers.

That being said, most people are not aware that 80% of ALL franchise endeavors fail in the first two to five years leaving large debts looming for years thereafter.

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Know the Matters and Get the Best Benefits From Automotive Batteries

Automobiles need batteries to get electric energy and for this purpose, automotive batteries were invented. These batteries are rechargeable and small in size, so that they can be set up in automobiles very easily. Especially, it is regarded as an automotive battery. The work of an Starting, Lightning and Ignition is to supply energy to the starter motor for an automobile.

Six galvanic cells are used to make these batteries and they are usually lead acid type. At full charge, an automotive battery provides 12.6 volts. One single Starting, Lightning and Ignition is enough for a small vehicle. But heavy vehicles like highway trucks, tractors etc. that have diesel engines use more than one batteries.These batteries are recyclable, for this reason, they are environment friendly too. And through this process, every year a huge number of batteries are produced. There are usually four types of automotive batteries. They are described below shortly:

• Flooded Cell Type: These types of automotive batteries are inexpensive and working for long time period. But, they require a lot of maintenance and care. But, they can be leaked or spilled at any moment.

• Valve Regulated Lead Acid: They are the alternatives of Flooded Cell type batteries and more expensive than Flooded Cell Type Batteries. These batteries are also known as “sealed” batteries. You cannot repair these batteries and maintain them neither. Hydrometer cannot be used to measure the charge of these batteries and you cannot replenish the electrolyte too. These batteries are maintenance free and are usually used to stay safe from any kind of leakage.

• Shallow Cycle: To start an automobile engine, a large burst of power is needed. And for this purpose, Shallow Cycle batteries are really useful. They can produce a strong power when an engine starts. After that, they are charged by the engine driven charging system. They contain higher specific gravity electrolyte so that the internal resistance can be reduced. Many thin separated plates are used to make these batteries.

• Deep Cycle: These types of batteries are made to provide continuous power for a long period of time. Especially, the small vehicles such as small boats, recreational vehicles, golf cart etc. use these types of batteries. To store energy from wind turbine or photovoltaic array, they are used too.

To use your battery for a long period of time, you have to follow some certain rules. Car batteries that use lead antimony plates may need water regularly. Specialists recommend using distilled water in a particular level. But, nowadays, most of the batteries do not require this watering. Always try to use a charging method that is safe. The most popular charging method is Trickle Charging. Do not over charge your or keep for a long time on charging. This may reduce your product lifetime. And even they can be dangerous.You should also be careful about storage and changing. And such, you can get the best service from these batteries.These processes are also useful for your own safety.

Eastman Industries Ltd. one of the leading auto battery manufacturers in India. Eastman offers a wide range of high quality automotive batteries, Vrla battery manufacturers, inverter and motorcycle batteries of JIS and DIN series.

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Choose the Right Automotive Equipment Distributors – It’s in Your Best Interest!

Do you want your shop to be the one that people turn to when they want the very best auto repair service? Then, you will need to have the very best equipment in the business! It is no secret that car models keep changing every single year and it makes great sense to ensure that you purchase equipments that are up to date.

It is no secret that the internet is filled with different Automotive Equipment Distributors, but only few of these distributors provide all the equipments that you will need at a really pocket friendly price. A good auto equipment distributor will provide world class equipments without charging you an arm or leg.

At a good equipment distributor, you can shop for tools and equipments that are specifically designed to make your auto repair service job a whole lot easier.

A reputable and reliable automotive equipment distributor such as “Automotive Equipment Distributors” provides customers with top quality automotive tools at awesome prices. Customers can even get great deals on great wheel alignment systems such as Hunter wheel alignment system.

The market of auto equipments for both personal and commercial use offers a whole lot of tools and equipments. If you want to add much more advanced tools to your auto workshop or you are just starting out your auto repair service, you will need to do some research on good auto equipment distributor online so that you do not end up purchasing equipments from a distributor with a questionable reputation in the industry. When you log on to the website of reliable and reputable automotive equipment distributors, you will not only get to learn a lot about the different kinds of auto repair equipments, you will also get to learn how to operate these machines safely as well.

Even for just routine checks, every auto shop needs auto equipments such as auto lifts, as a matter of fact, these auto lifts are fast becoming an important part of every auto shop.

You can find the following auto equipments (and more!) at a good equipment distributor:

* Tire changers
* Wheel balancers
* Alignment lifts
* Brake lathes
* Drive tools
* Power tools
* Compressed air systems
* Lighting
* Material handling
* Storage
* Furniture
* Engine hoists and stands etc

Nowadays, many individuals have their own vehicles and in a lot of cases, they choose to maintain their vehicles by themselves – the internet is filled with DIY learning materials! Such individuals can shop for auto equipments (for personal use) at an auto equipment distributor’s website and save tons of cash on their purchase.

The internet is indeed a really great place to shop for and find reliable and reputable automotive equipment distributors that will not only offer top quality auto repair and lift equipment, but also offer un-ignorable prices as well.

You can shop for all your auto repair shop equipment needs on the internet and have all your purchases delivered straight to your door step – in one piece!

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Auto Recycler for Your Damaged Car

Motor vehicles are the most recycled products because of the availability of auto recyclers. Auto recycling entails stripping a vehicle off its reusable parts and then crushing the remaining body. The reusable parts are sold and the crushed portion is recycled by a scrap processor.

Why recycle?

This is done to reduce wastage. Numerous cars are written off as scrap every year. It makes sense to remove the parts that can be used and reuse them. This is not only beneficial for the environment but also makes auto parts available at affordable prices to consumers. In fact, the car manufacturers bear recycling in mind while manufacturing cars. Hence, they provide parts that are long-lasting.

As is apparent, an auto recycler works on the principle of conserving the environment. The three Rs of environment conservation are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

This implies using fewer natural resources for conserving the environment. If auto parts are reused, then a lesser quantity needs to be manufactured. If manufacturing reduces then the natural resources used are reduced.


Reusing has a positive impact on the environment. Hence, auto parts that are removed and sold enable reducing the landfill.


Recycling auto parts is the basic function of a recycler. Recycling helps conserve the environment as it reduces landfill and depletion of the environment for creating new parts.

Benefits of auto recyclers:

Good for the earth:

• Recycling is beneficial for the earth because of the following reasons:
• Reduces dangerous toxins from being released into our ground and water.
• It prevents the use of valuable landfill.
• It helps preserve the natural resources as it reduces the need for manufacturing new parts.

Good for your wallet

Recycled parts are available at nearly half the price as the original. Hence you save a good amount by purchasing them.

Good for your vehicle

The recycled parts are original and genuine made as per the original manufacturer’s specifications. In fact, many sellers of recycled parts even provide a warranty for them.

Hence, we see that auto recyclers, recycle End-of-life vehicles and protect water, air, and soil from harmful material contained in them.

So, if you have an end of life car, why sit around with it? Anyway, damaged cars do not have a book value so establishing a price for it will be difficult. Sell it to an auto recycler and earn cash in exchange! You will be doing your bit for the environment as well!

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Economize the Maintenance of Your Car by Using Recycled Parts

Auto recycling is one of the most widespread recycling industries globally. Auto parts are recycled from end-of-life cars. Damaged and old cars have usually have no takers. Hence, instead of just abandoning them, it makes sense to recycle their parts.

How are cars recycled?

• Damaged cars are bought by auto wreckers or recyclers. They are taken to auto recyclers which are large, open spaces for such cars.
• Over here, the car is inspected to check whether it can be repaired and reused or it is a write-off.
• In most cases, the car cannot be reused. Hence, the next step is to recycle it.
• Recycling entails removal of usable parts and their sale. This is followed by disposal of the parts that cannot be reused.
• Most of the parts such as the car stereo, windshield, wipers, mirrors, headlights, taillights, etc. if not damaged are sold in the market.
• Parts such as battery are removed and used to manufacture new batteries.
• Tires are used to make pavement bases for new roads.
• Wheels are removed and sold as metal scrap.
• If the glass is damaged, it is recycled to make porcelain, jewelry, beads, tiles, etc.
• After removal of all the parts and the various oils and fluids. The next step is the disposal of those fluids in a manner so that they do not affect the environment.
• Finally, the metallic portion of the car is left. This is crushed so as to reduce its size and then it is sold to a shredder.
• Most parts of the car are intact and can be reused. Many auto recyclers get the damaged parts restored so that they can be sold.

Every car needs spare parts for maintenance at some stage or the other.

Buying recycled parts is better than buying the original because:

1. These parts are available at nearly half the price of the original.
2. Since they have been removed from original cars, they provide a good fit.
3. These parts are genuine.
4. Many sellers of used parts provide a warranty for their products.
5. Recycling car parts helps in conserving the environment. This is because it reduces the need to manufacture new parts; since most parts are reused, the landfill is reduced; The pollutants are disposed of. By using these parts, you can also contribute towards conservation.

Hence, we see that using recycled car parts is not only beneficial to us but also works for the bigger cause of saving the planet.

Whether you need to buy or sell used car parts, you can do it with the help of Parts Locator, a leading auto parts resource in Australia. To know more visit here.

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Benefits of Recycling a Car

When a car is wrecked or damaged, what do you do with it?

Your options are repairing it and reusing it. Many a time this is not possible. In such cases, you can sell your car to an auto-dismantler. An auto-dismantler recycles the car for repairing other cars, selling used parts, etc.

An auto-dismantler removes all the functional and non-functional parts from a car. It also removes various fluids. The metallic portion that remains is crushed into a small piece and shred into pieces.

Recycling of wrecked cars has become a lucrative business option because the number of users of recycled car parts has increased.

Reasons for users of recycled car parts increasing:

• They are nearly half the price when compared to new parts.
• Manufacturers of car parts make these parts so that they are durable. This ensures that these parts last even after the car reaches its end-of-life.
• Used car parts have a good fit as they have been detached from original vehicles.
• Used car parts market caters to a wide range of cars.
• For cars whose models have been discontinued, the only option to look for spare parts is used car market.
• Vintage cars can find their spares in the used car market.

Besides these benefits, an auto-dismantler benefits the environment also. Imagine if cars were not dismantled and reduced in size, how much of waste we would generate? Cars also contain various hazardous and non-hazardous fluids which can impact the environment adversely.

Let us see what service an auto-dismantler provides to the environment:

1. Recycling of parts:

Various parts are removed from the car. Those that are intact are sold ‘as is’ in the market. Those that can be repaired are restored and sold. Others that cannot be reused as functional parts are used in other applications. This reduces wastage and saves landfill. It also conserves our natural resources by reducing the need to manufacture new parts.

2. Recycling fluids:

A car contains many fluids such as coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, etc. Some of these fluids are recycled and can be reused. While some other fluids can be converted into fuels, etc. and reused. This is beneficial to the environment because some of these fluids contain harmful chemicals. If they are released into the earth, they can be detrimental to the health of animals, aquatic creatures, and humans. Some fluids are inflammable and so cannot be released into the environment.

3. Recycling Steel:

Steel is required for a variety of applications. But its manufacture uses up valuable natural resources. Therefore, recycling steel reduces the need to manufacture fresh steel positively impacting the environment.

Hence, we see that dismantling and recycling a car is beneficial in numerous ways.

Recycling auto parts has become very popular in recent times.Parts Locator is a source through which you can buy and sell used car parts. To know more visit here.

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